Doctoral Consortium

Established for the first time in this conference edition, the NIME 2022 Doctoral Consortium gives an opportunity for PhD students to discuss, perform, or demo their research. We welcome applications from students who would like to receive feedback from the NIME community on their conceptual, theoretical, technical and/or musical research components, and participate to an open discussion among peer students and senior scientists, interaction designers and computer musicians. Ideal candidates will be early-stage or mid-way through their program, presenting some concrete research content within the NIME topics yet with no conclusive achievements already at hand. Candidates should clearly explain their contribution to the Doctoral Consortium as well as the expected benefit from participating to it.

Submission information

Proposals will include the following entries:
  • proposal sections: title, keywords, research question/s/problem, context/theory, methods, the expected outcomes (what you hope to contribute and get from the Doctoral Consortium), references/bibliography (not part of the word count)
  • (optional) software, videos, audio recordings, blueprints documenting music interface concepts and physical prototypes, either uploaded along with the main document or hyperlinked from it
  • a short recommendation letter from the Supervisor, also clarifying the student's year of study, research objectives, method, and activity in the context of the Department/Research Lab where the PhD is done

Submission process

Doctoral Consortium submissions will be using Pubpub, a multimedia platform for publication. Authors will create submissions there, export them as PDFs, and submit them for review through the NIME 2022 Conference Management Toolkit (CMT).

Submission instructions
Doctoral Consortium submission template
Submission portal

Selection process

The Doctoral Consortium committee will review and select a limited number of candidates via a curation process that considers the quality of their work, and its possibilities to contribute to the creation of a multidisciplinary, diverse, balanced and ethical discussion forum furthermore highly profitable for the participants. Duplicated material submitted also to other NIME calls will be immediately rejected from the Doctoral Consortium.

At the Conference

If accepted, based on your proposal, we will ask you to design a multimedia poster to both contribute to a live consortium discussion and virtual poster at the NIME conference. Each poster can include performances, demo, design, etc. The Doctoral Consortium will run the day before the beginning of the main conference, on June 27th, with the Chairs actively participating to the event. Please note that the final posters won't be published in the NIME proceedings.

Important Dates

  • Doctoral Consortium submission deadline: 1 April 2022
  • Doctoral Consortium submission extended deadline: 15 April 2022
  • Notification of acceptance: 1 May 2022
All deadlines are 23:59 Anywhere on Earth Time Zone (UTC - 12)
Please contact the Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs should you have any questions.