John Legend Biography: Family, Age, Net Worth, Best Songs List as per Views

John Legend Biography: Family, Age, Net Worth, Best Songs List as per Views, and many other important details are discussed here. John Roger Stephens possesses multiple skills besides being a singer. These include actors, songwriters, and producers. Kanye West, Twista, and many more artists have appreciated and worked with John.

John Legend Biography

He began his career while playing the piano behind the scenes of various web series. To get more essential information about John Legend, his Best songs, age, and many more, continue browsing the article below.

In 2004, John Legend started his professional career by releasing his debut album. The album reached 7 numbers on the US Billboard, with the sale of 116k  copies in the first week only.

Before recording his album, John recognized himself as a session musician the collaboration with many hip hop and R&B stars. Legend received 9 nominations at the 48th Annual Gramm Awards, including the singles Ordinary People and So High with Lauryn Hill for best male R&B Vocal performance.

His album was also awarded for being a fresh face in the music industry many times. In 2006 his second album Once Again, became his second top 10 album on Billboard 200. In June 2008, he released his first live album.

What is the Age of John Legend?

John Roger Stephens was born in 1978 in Springfield, Ohio. His birthday comes on 28 December. Currently, he is 44 years old and going to be 45 in Dec 2023.

John Legend

The care and affection was written in the destiny of the artist with great enthusiasm for music. John Legend had performed at his best in playing Paino when he was a kid.

“Get Lifted” was the first album that has mesmerized the ears of many. The singer has got his name as the supreme artists on Billboard 200.

John Legend Family Details

The popular singer comes from a sophisticated family background. Staying in Ohio with his parents and family, he inhibited good moral values. He is currently staying with his spouse Chrissy Teigen and 4 children.

The family members have always supported him to move towards the path of success. There was not a single time when his wife or him did not hear each other’s unsaid words. They showed up to each other in all the worst and happy moments of life.

John Legend Education

Education is an important criterion for everyone be it an artist, engineer, doctor or a person with any profession. It allows them to be unique from others.

North High School in Springfield was the name of the school from which John had completed the fundamental education. At the age of 15, he won an essay competition of black history which was organized by McDonald’s. When he was a teenager, he joined the University of Pennsylvania, John assisted as the musical director and president of Code Jazz.

The artist have received his Bachelor’s Degree in African American literature. The year of completing graduation was 1999.

John Legend Net Worth

Possessing multiple skills, John has a net worth of approximately $100 Million. At most internet sources, the worth is a combination of him and his wife, Chrissy.

The figure that you can observe here is the result of the continuous efforts that the singer has given in his career. Collected various awards and recognition, John has over 16 Million followers on Instagram and 13.4 M on X. The fan following suggests that in the coming time, his net worth will surely be increased.

John Legend Best Songs List as per Views

The music industry is blessed with the iconic songs of John Legend, all the songs are the best but some of them are truly moving and inspiring songs. From his debut to his latest release, he constantly delivers wonderful lyrics that directly connect with listeners all over the world.

Here is the list of some best songs of John’s legend:

  • All of Me (2013)
  • You & I
  • Tonight ( best you ever had)
  • Ordinary People
  • Made to Love
  • Like im Gonna lose you
  • Glory
  • Hang on is there
  • Number one
  • Conversations in the dark

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